In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), standing out requires not just visibility, but strategic visibility. Keyword mapping, a cornerstone of sophisticated SEO strategy, plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Drawing from a decade of experience in SEO, with a specific focus on the recruitment industry, I offer insights into the art and science of keyword mapping. This guide is designed to demystify the process and showcase its benefits, with a step-by-step approach to implementing it […]
Local SEO is a critical strategy for businesses aiming to capture their local market. This brief guide, drawing from a decade of hands-on SEO experience, aims to equip you, whether you’re a marketing manager or director, with foundational and advanced knowledge to navigate Local SEO effectively. Given my specialised knowledge in recruitment and a proven track record in enhancing online presence for various industries, this guide promises actionable insights tailored to the recruitment sector and […]
Within the UK’s competitive recruitment industry, standing out to potential clients is a challenge that requires more than just a basic understanding of marketing. It demands a strategic approach to retargeting—the art of reconnecting with users who have previously engaged with your content but didn’t convert. This guide is crafted with marketing managers and directors in mind, offering a blend of professional insight and light-hearted wisdom to enhance your retargeting campaigns. Best Practices for Retargeting […]
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