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Don’t fall behind your competition by failing to invest in content marketing. Start with the top seven ideas for improving your content creation. “It’s all about the content.” At least, that’s one interpretation of the adage that every website owner follows. However, in the ever-changing environment of content marketing, content distribution is a close second […]
10 SEO Fundamentals Every Web Developer Should Know You are aware of the difficulty… You only need to take care of these four or five tickets, and it will make a huge difference in your SEO goals for the month. But how can you persuade your web developers to join you? How can you help […]
The Top 10 Reasons to Outsource SEO in 2022 What Exactly Is SEO Outsourcing? Why Should You Consider It?   Most marketing teams have a lot to do and not enough time. This is especially true when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Some people interpret the term “outsourcing” to suggest that your in-house […]
The How and Why of Content Pruning for SEO A widespread misconception in the SEO industry is that you must post ‘x’ amount of content on your website on a regular basis in order to rank well over time. True, supplying your target audience with valuable, relevant, and optimised material that answers queries and gives […]
How to Get Your Company Listed on Google Maps Do you want to know how to get your company listed on Google? Adding your business to Google Maps is one of the simplest methods to accomplish this. The procedure is free and straightforward. You may get your business on Google Maps by going directly to […]
Is SEO a Dying Sector? The same question is posed to digital marketers year after year. ‘Does SEO have a future?’ Is it a dying trade?’ When this rhetoric rears its ugly head at the end of the year, it astounds me. I’m wondering why SEO is getting so much attention. The unequivocal response is […]
How does the Google Algorithm Work? Google’s search algorithm is one of the most important technologies ever made. 5.6 billion Google searches are made every day, so it’s safe to say Google has a big impact on the world and on your business as well. But what is the Google Search Algorithm, and how does […]
How to Use Surround Sound SEO You’re probably familiar with “Surround Sound” audio, which refers to the effect generated by multiple speakers configured to create an immersive sound experience, making you feel like you are inside the action. That’s a large part of what makes watching a movie in a theatre special!   Part SEO, […]
The Reality of Duplicate Content Don’t let the gleaming new material you worked so hard to create fade away. Here’s everything you need to know about duplicate content and how to avoid it. The dreaded “duplicate content penalty” is one of the biggest SEO misconceptions. Do you want to learn an SEO secret? The term “duplicate […]
What to ask when appointing an SEO Consultant We all know we need to do more for SEO – making our websites stand out and giving Google everything that it needs to put us forward as a reliable and trustworthy solution for our target audience. And with an SEO consultant, all of that and more […]