The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry

The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry Most advice when it comes to SEO is along these lines… “Identify keywords with low competition and high search volume and try to rank for those” which is fine if you’re an amateur looking to “rank ‘n’ rent” a little one-page lead gen site. Which you’re not. By your very nature you’re a highly competitive creature – why else would you be in recruitment or sales at […]

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Quick SEO Wins

6 Easy SEO Quick Wins! Typically speaking, SEO campaigns (when dine properly!) can take a few months to really build traction. But before you turn your nose up – it IS possible to get some quick and easy improvements to increase where in Google your website ranks! If your site ranks on Google, the good news is that Google likes it. The bad news is, if you’re only on page 2 or beyond – its […]

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How Can You Measure SEO ROI?

How Can You Measure SEO ROI? If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, measuring SEO results can be difficult. More often than not there’s loads of tech speak jargon that means little to you. There’s also data, LOTS of data, and the mix can be a little overwhelming. Actually – SEO can be measured really clearly; it’s easy to demonstrate the connection between your SEO effort and increased revenue. All you have to […]

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What I think about video job specs

What I think about video job specs. In the old days, job specs or descriptions were…let’s face it – mundane. You know what I mean, all formal, straight talking, sub heading after sub heading, bullet point after bullet point, word after painstakingly typed word. It was hugely difficult to covey any character or personality in them, usually meaning that the reader switched off and scanned straight to the crux – what’s the salary and what […]

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Why digital marketing is key for the recruitment industry

Why digital marketing is key for the recruitment industry It is no secret that digital marketing is important for any business to focus on and take charge of. However, there are some industries who seem to think that they don’t need to think about digital marketing as much as others. One of these industries is recruitment. So, is this the wrong approach to take? Is digital marketing something that the recruitment industry should be thinking […]

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