Freelance SEO Consultant

Having been a recruiter for more than 10 long years, the latter part as an independent, solo practitioner, I became…underwhelmed with the the capacity for recruiters generally to generate a good proportion of my business via people coming to me. Yes – referrals and “word of mouth” is fantastic – 20 years ago!  These days, and over recent years, society has changed and to be frank – recruitment has (as a large) failed miserably at keeping up.
I wanted more, I had fellow recruiters that wanted more, but I did NOT want just another marketing agency who is a servant to all and sundry.
As my own circumstances changed, Kaizen was born, born to allay the very frustrations I and others had suffered for years.
A recruitment focused digital marketing agency, run by a recruitment veteran! My in-depth knowledge of the world of recruitment and the pains suffered by recruiters give me a massive edge in providing solutions that get results.
My thought is you don’t have to be working “hard” and making 200+ business development calls a day, when you can work smarter and invest in creating INBOUND activity. This is the Kaizen way!
I specialise in SEO, but have vast experience in  PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Website design & development, and are able to work with you to source passive candidates, create a stream of qualified clients with purchasing intent and save you and your team time.
This technical experience, coupled with MY extensive industry knowledge makes Kaizen a powerhouse in getting their clients an return on their investments.