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By - DJ

The Importance of Content Marketing

Have you ever seen the following, anywhere – “source: Dude, trust me”? If so good, then this will be easier. If not, you’ll get the gist I’m sure. We are told all the time that content is important, that content marketing will help save you time, money and resources. We are told that it will get your message out, increase

By - DJ

10 Benefits of SEO For Your Business

10 Benefits of SEO For Your Business To be frank, every business (especially now) should be working towards building a strong organic presence in the search engines, whether in-house or outsourcing to an expert (hint hint…).  Properly done with user intent in mind, SEO can often work more effectively than most other digital marketing strategies, so read on to see

By - DJ

Recruitment SEO – You Wouldn’t Go To A Sculptor For A Tattoo!

Recruitment SEO – You Wouldn’t Go To A Sculptor For A Tattoo! It always amazes me how often there can be so much friction between clients and providers of niche services such as SEO. I’ve definitely encountered it and I know for a FACT I’m not the only one. The friction can be two-fold, from the business owner directly and/or

By - DJ

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?​

How Long Does SEO Take To Work? I thought I’d break down a question which I get asked all the time here at Kaizen Digital – “How long will SEO take to work?” Well… there isn’t a an exact formula for how quickly SEO will work and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are lying to you!  There are so many variables

By - DJ

App or Website? 10 Reasons Why Apps are Better Than Websites…(IMO)

I’m not looking to say one is actually the better option than the other here, this is simply me saying “this is where apps can add MORE value than your website!” Right now, mobile usage will be SOARING. With the sheer amount of people unable to work from office premises, it’s all too easy for people generally to pay a

By - DJ

Is now a good time to invest in PPC for recruitment advertising? Get an SEO’s Perspective…

Recruitment agencies spend a lot of their time and budget advertising jobs on various job boards and quite often overlook other forms of investing in recruitment advertising.  There are numerous reasons behind this behaviour, from budget limitations to a lack of knowledge on how to run paid campaigns or even limited awareness of the benefits PPC job advertising can bring the recruitment

By - DJ

What I think about video job specs.

What I think about video job specs. In the old days, job specs or descriptions were…let’s face it – mundane. You know what I mean, all formal, straight talking, sub heading after sub heading, bullet point after bullet point, word after painstakingly typed word. It was hugely difficult to covey any character or personality in them, usually meaning that the

By - DJ

How To Find Those Illusive Candidates Like A Liam Neeson From ‘Taken’ Pro

How To Find Those Illusive Candidates Like A Liam Neeson From ‘Taken’ Pro Picture Source:  LinkedIn.com  Hands up who’s seen ‘Taken? If you haven’t, you’ve almost definitely seen the meme. Liam’s character tells his daughter’s kidnapper “I don’t know who you are…I possess a set of very unique skills…I will find you!” Although most of us aren’t trained contract killers or assassins (presumably),