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Facebook Messenger, AKA Messenger, is a free instant messaging platform that lets users exchange photos, videos, audio, files, start group chats, interact with bots and more.

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Messenger is currently the second most downloaded app across the world, closely behind the main Facebook app…

What are the business benefits of messenger marketing?

There’s a ton of reasons why so many companies are leveraging Facebook Messenger marketing, including benefiting from:

  • Heightened engagement
  • Improved experiences
  • Increased sales
  • Higher deal value
  • Shorter lead to deal time.
  • Lower cost per purchase

You've got two options...

Build Only

This option is super straightforward.

A ONE TIME fee of £795 gets you;

  • Discovery Call
  • Bot Build
  • Facebook Fan Page Integration

We just build the bot as per your needs, and then the rest is managed in house by you or your team. 

We will provide you with 30 days’ support though!

Build & Manage

With this monthly package, you get:

  • Discovery Call
  • Bot Build
  • Facebook Fan Page Integration
  • Ads Set Up (if required)
  • Email Capture
  • Maintenance/Management Of The Bot
  • Ads Account Management

All from ONLY £349* per month for a 6 month term.


* Ad Set up one time £97 | Ads Account Management £97/m | Any ***Ad Spend*** We Are Required To Manage


With any required Ad Spend (if the project calls for adverts), clients will typically either keep all advertising budget in house OR agree a budget with us, we factor that into the monthly cost, then we manage all ad spend.

NOTE: the “Ad Send” is simply that, every penny goes to advertising. We charge a £97/, supplement to run it all.

Here you can see a number of demo bots we’ve built that are currently deployed with clients in an array of sectors and industries.

Financial Adviser –
Staffing/Recruitment –
Home Security Company –
Personal Injury Lawyer –

Just click on “Get Started” where prompted 😊 (it may take a moment to kick in).

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