"DIY SEO" With Our Expert Guidance

For those businesses that either don’t have a budget for a full SEO campaign, or would rather do it in-house, Kaizen Digital is now offering a “Consultancy Model”, a HUGELY cost effective alternative to the “Done For You” packages if you have the time, inclination or resource to get your hands dirty!

This model, which some clients refer to as us teaching you SEO will allow you to;

Build an SEO Strategy

Successful SEO requires building the right strategy. We’ll walk you through creating the perfect strategy that will target and drive your ideal customers to your website. Keyword analysis, content strategy (creation and outreach) etc. This even includes competitor insights!

Easily Make SEO Changes

We’ll guide you through the actions you need to make to improve your organic visibility. Every month you get a new SEO ‘to-do’ list, which covers every important action and is explained simply so that anyone can action their own SEO. The more hours you can commit to your strategy – the more items will be on that list.

Track Your Results

By integrating your Google Analytics and Google My Business accounts, you can track your SEO performance so you can see what’s working and what needs more focus on. We’ll track your visibility in Google, your traffic levels and your recent backlink acquisitions.

You can EVEN track your competition’s results!

You can see the keywords they are ranking for, the content they’re producing, even the websites they have links to, so you can start to reach out and build a backlink profile proven to work!

ALL of this is delivered by you having your own dashboard on our system. We set you up as a user, show you how to use it, and you’re in full control!

All of the actions we recommend, we’ll tell you what needs doing, why it’s important and even how to do it (as well as how long it should take).

If at any point you need us to execute tasks for you – just let your project manager know and you’ll benefit from a preferential hourly rate for us to carry out the required work – minimum allocation is one hour. 

You can order a recurring hourly package AND if you need content written, you can order this through your dashboard too – again, heavily discounted as a Consultancy Client.

You can see a “Dashboard Orientation” video below so you see how it works –

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