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Creating relevant content is about good research skills. Whether you’re an architect, solicitor, builder, software house or accountant, the first stage of our delivery is in the research. 

Typically part of our overall SEO strategy for clients, we also offer content production as a stand alone service. The key to great content is great research and properly produced & implemented content writing can be hugely effective for organisations to keep visitors informed about their products or services as well as improve search engine rankings. 

Whether you are looking for web copywriting, an ongoing content strategy in the form of blogs and articles or any other writing service, team Kaizen have got your back.

An investment in well written content will ensure that your business will flourish. With expertly written content, you can develop and enhance your online presence and entice new customers to your brand. Through website content and blogs – you can successfully build a professional and recognisable brand.

Why "Content Is King".

Our team of experienced writers and copywriters understand what it takes to create great content. We begin by understanding your business and your goals. One of our expert copywriters then works on creating your piece. This then goes through the sharp and expert eyes of our editing team to deliver some awesome content for your website.
Whether you need blog posts, website copy, press releases or product descriptions or SEO content writing, we deliver results. Every copy goes through a proofing process and is checked for grammar, ease of reading, consistency and a number of other quality parameters. We also double check facts and numbers content for accuracy.

Typically we can offer:

Blog Post Writing –  Regular or one off blog posts that are informative and relevant whilst simultaneously boosting SEO rankings.
Press Release Writing – Our in house content writing and PR teams craft engaging, Informative press releases on behalf of our clients to keep readers up to date.
SEO Copywriting – We specialise in constructing SEO rich copy with our SEO and content writing teams working in close proximity to deliver in optimisation without compromising relevance.
Web Copy Writing – Our specialist team write web copy of all manner, each piece of copy is equally engaging, impactful and persuasive in nature.

The Process:

  1. Decide on a topic – we can make recommendations based on current industry movements
  2. We’ll research quality, authoritative information
  3. We’ll write your piece(s)
  4. You can use that for your website blog, LinkedIn articles, wherever you feel best.
  5. Usual turn around is 5-7 days.

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