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By - DJ

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?​

How Long Does SEO Take To Work? I thought I’d break down a question which I get asked all the time here at Kaizen Digital – “How long will SEO take to work?” Well… there isn’t a an exact formula for how quickly SEO will work and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are lying to you!  There are so many variables

By - DJ

Is now a good time to invest in PPC for recruitment advertising? Get an SEO’s Perspective…

Recruitment agencies spend a lot of their time and budget advertising jobs on various job boards and quite often overlook other forms of investing in recruitment advertising.  There are numerous reasons behind this behaviour, from budget limitations to a lack of knowledge on how to run paid campaigns or even limited awareness of the benefits PPC job advertising can bring the recruitment

By - DJ

Don’t Make These Rookie SEO Mistakes.

Don’t Make These Rookie SEO Mistakes. SEO… you may have attempted it already, or at least considered it, and if that’s the case there’s no doubt you’ve read a few things around the subject. I see this all the time as an SEO for the recruitment sector; clients who have a vision to increase their website rankings in Google, but