Agency Partnership

Don't Offer SEO? Whitelabel SEO For Digital Agencies

So you’re a marketing freelancer OR you’re a nearly “full stack” agency who doesn’t offer SEO. 

But you know there’s a market for it, or perhaps you’ve got clients interested in SEO and want to retain accountability, or keep them working with you rather than potentially going elsewhere?

Here at Kaizen we offer you the chance to sell SEO services to your clients or you want to start proactively pitching SEO services.

In our experience, selling or pitching SEO services can be daunting!! Especially if you don’t really know much about the “dark arts” of search engine optimisation. 

Imagine having a friendly face to help.

In brief, when we partner with other agencies to be their SEO ghost, we don’t JUST execute the required work, we help at the very beginning if you need us to, by helping you formulate your pitch, answer any awkward questions your clients might have, help with information your client will typically need to help them in their decision making progress AND liaise with you for the duration of the project.

In short – we are an extension of your business.

The BEST part? As a partner, you get discounted packages.

Clients will typically either add a mark-up to what we charge, meaning that it’s money for nothing. Nice.

To see more about how we can help you to grow and then nurture your client base, get in touch by clicking “Book A Call Now” button for a chat, in absolute confidence of course!

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