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“Kaizen” (noun) /kʌɪˈzɛn/: “a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc“.

This philosophy is one we really buy in to! If as a business you aren’t striving to push forward – you stagnate and your competition will take over.

The Kaizen team are experts in their respective field, are passionate about the sectors they serve, and borderline obsessed with delivering results to their clients! 

From increasing revenue and brand exposure through SEO, to lead generation through paid search services (PPC), prospect engagement via messenger bots, we can help you utilise your website to benefit from search engines.  

Our web development team are on hand to design eye-catching, responsive websites and provide technical support services.

Send us an email to with your enquiry and we’ll discuss your bespoke plan.


See what some recent clients say about us…

"To be able to count on an industry expert who is knowledgeable, proactive and just darn good at what they do is worth its weight in gold.

Dan has simplified SEO for us (we didn't have a clue), has been able to focus our business on what we need, rather than what we would like and has the intelligence to be able to understand the sectors we work producing relevant material for market. His no BS approach is refreshing and has positioned him as our 'go to' for our marketing needs.

His turnaround makes me think this guy doesn't sleep, given we are across the globe from him yet he is always enthusiastic and available.

Plain and simple, he's a diamond!"
Tudi Hedley
TMR Recruitment