Why You Should Absolutely Outsource!

Of course, I’m big advocate of outsourcing work, after all, it’s the back bone of my business. If firms didn’t outsource their SEO to me – I’d have to get a proper job!

But I get it, you’re scared of out outsourcing. So many questions.

“How can I let go, I’m a control freak”, or “How absurd to think that an outsider can understand my business” or “Outsourcing means there’s no safety net – at least in-house means accountability”, I could go on. But I won’t.

The reality is, you have every right to be scared. There are SO many horror stories out there about errors made by or caused by an outsourcing outfit it could really make your skin crawl if you let it.

But think of it like this….

YOU are an outsourced service. YOU are an outsourcer. Yes…YOU and your business.

Where would YOU be if your clients didn’t outsource their requirements to you? You’d be in the same place I would – up shit creek!

The truth is you and I, we’re pretty similar. We are a necessary “evil”(I use that phrase lightly of course) and we (usually) are a service easily farmed out to someone else.

Think about your selling points, WHY do clients utilise your service.

·        To save time

·        To save money

·        They’re too busy

·        They’re not the experts!

Well, those are the exact same reasons you would work with me. You’ve got a business to run and recruitment digital marketing can be a slow, laborious and time-consuming task.

You want to make money, not waste it. Bad marketing is like a bad hire – it will cost you in the long run.

Recruitment is very hands on, fast paced, reactive – refer to the above point.

You are an expert recruiter. You know your shit. That’s why you clients pay you £1000’s in fees. You are not (usually) a marketing expert, and SEO expert and so on. You need the expertise a real marketer can bring.

You might argue “Well I have a Social Media Expert in-house”…do you? Or do you have someone that has a degree in Zoology who can string a sentence together and knows how to post to Instagram stories??

Because my friend that is NOT an expert. My 16 year old daughter can do that – I wouldn’t pay her £18k/pa plus because of that.

“Well I have an in-house marketing team” – that’s great, but what are you paying them for if the firm down the road are out-ranking you? Essentially, I work WITH in-house teams to deliver value, I’m not looking to replace anyone, but rather absorb some of the workload and turn that in to real results.

Finally, outsourcing your digital marketing does not mean losing accountability. This is not a sales pitch – none of my blog posts are, however I will say this; Every single client I work with has their own log in to the back end of my system.

I believe in being 100% transparent, so you can see at every step of the way exactly what I and my team are up to. That’s all I’ll say on that for now.

If you know someone that needs to see this, give it share, email them the link etc.

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