Have you ever seen the following, anywhere – “source: Dude, trust me”? If so good, then this will be easier. If not, you’ll get the gist I’m sure. We are told all the time that content is important, that content marketing will help save you time, money and resources. We are told that it will get your message out, increase your visibility and strengthening your sales. OK, great. Source?

Well, Bill Gates once famously said that content is king. He’s an idiot. Do you realise how much spammy, useless pages flew into the aether because of that? Us either, but it’s a lot. Content is not king, quality content is

Why is quality content important?

Content doesn’t magically appear; it would be great if it did, but it doesn’t. It requires thought, planning, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and it’s also important to know how to write it so that:

Honestly, quality content the most powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. We would go so far as to say it the only tool. After all, your social channels would be empty without it – you will go so far with stolen memes. You will also have nothing for your website, YouTube channels, podcasts… Nothing. Oh, and yes YouTube and podcasts… unless you wing it with no script, like a savage.

Because digital marketing is so vital for businesses today, you can’t very well expect your business to succeed without it. Not anymore.

Why you need quality content

The internet is like the world’s largest library, with every type of content imaginable that answers any question that you can throw at it (except maybe, ‘have God and Morgan Freeman ever been seen in the same room?’) and it is being constantly updated. Everyone is competing for business, and whatever it is that you do – there are a dozen others in your town doing the same thing and they all want the same customers. What are you going to do about that?

People are busy looking on the internet to buy what you are selling. How are you going to see to it that they buy from you and not a competitor in town? Content and content marketing makes it possible for your potential customers to find you, and much faster than they would otherwise.

There are other reasons, naturally. Such as:

People, some time ago, fell out of love with the faceless corporation. Big business realised this in time to take advantage of it. At no other point in recent history could you name the CEOs of the biggest companies on the planet. People trust people, not logos or slogans. They want a relationship with the brand they want to invest in, however small that investment may be.

The return on investment in great content and content marketing is obscene. In a good way. Depending on how well the content matches the needs of your audience, you could be enjoying conversion rates as much as 6 times higher than if you had no plan at all.

That’s just two other points, and I could go on, but the point is abundantly clear: content was, is and always will be the cornerstone of any marketing plan – especially of the content variety.

Excellent content sells. Source: you just read it.

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