Social Media Marketing Case Study

Social Media Marketing Case Study #1

Social Media Marketing Case Study #1


Client Vertical – HR Executive Search

Client Location – Birmingham UK

Service ProvidedSocial Media Marketing


The Client operates within the Human Resources executive search vertical, with a global client and candidate base. The subject of this campaign was to focus our efforts across the EMEA region,

Typically rolls are senior level, with a salary bracket of £70,000 upwards.

The Client was retained for a D-suite position search (HR Director), with a candidate brief who are typically not actively looking for new roles, retention is usually very high.

The Client’s search had become somewhat stagnant after multiple talent maps and traditional headhunting techniques had failed to produce the required shortlist of candidates either in the region or from other locations but willing to relocate.

In essence, the Client was struggling to reach enough of the right type of candidate to satisfy their client.

Solution Provided

Initially the Client was unconvinced that I could help. The usual stance was adopted by them – “Your kind of service will not work for my business – it’s too sophisticated”.

They had “dabbled” in Social Media Marketing in the past but had failed to gain any sort or real traction. The occasional Facebook post was about all they were doing.

It was apparent, as we dug down, that the Client simply didn’t understand the value that a properly designed and executed campaign would deliver.

On consultation we developed an understanding of the candidate persona. Who was their ideal candidate, where do they “hang out”, what are their interests, they have high salaries so what are their likely spending habits, do they belong to any niche networks, what skill-set do they possess?

All of these answers enabled us to create a number of hyper-targeted audiences across the main 4 social network platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We created a series of posts, both still and video at all times adopting the mindset of the targets, what are they likely to find visually enticing etc, and set to work creating a playbook of a variety of posts that, coupled with the targeting would be seen and engaged with by the right people.

We were able to effectively communicate the role itself, but also the benefits/enjoyments provided by the location of the role – something the client was not doing previously.

Results Delivered

The Client was able to successfully engage 7 potential candidates within the first 37 days. These were candidates who we not on any job boards, and were not actively looking. They all had seen the sponsored posts on various networks (predominantly LinkedIn) and were drawn to the idea of at least exploring new opportunities. The Client was able to do their job and effectively match the opportunity to the most appropriate candidate. The successful candidate was in the EMEA region which was a huge positive. It is unlikely that the Client would have engaged with that candidate without effective use of Social Media Marketing.

The Client presented the candidate who was offered, accepted, and onboarded. The Client was able to invoice for their fee of c.£18k (usual fee was reduced by the client due to length of time taken to execute).

By the end of the Client’s contract with us (12 months), for every £1 spent with Kaizen Digital – we had delivered a return of £15.

This client, although won in the long term, lost out on £1,000s in fees because they were late to admit they were struggling and explicitly thought that Social Media Marketing wouldn’t work so they didn’t reach out.

I can help you replicate the type of ROI this client achieved – all you need to do is make a move.


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