Recruitment SEO - You Wouldn't Go To A Sculptor For A Tattoo!

It always amazes me how often there can be so much friction between clients and providers of niche services such as SEO. I’ve definitely encountered it and I know for a FACT I’m not the only one.

The friction can be two-fold, from the business owner directly and/or their in-house marketing function, whether that’s a single person or a team.

I get it, as a business owner you’ve employed a person/team who are there to handle your marketing efforts, you’re already paying them for this so why on Earth would you fork out for a third party to work the “same tasks”? Or as the in-house marketer, this is your bag. Why should someone else steal your thunder or even threaten your very existence within your company??

A little disclaimer – I am not, for even a millisecond trying to bash on in-house teams. At all, so bear with…

My point is this, you wouldn’t go to a sculptor for a new tattoo. 

I can hear you thinking “what is he talking about?!” It’s pretty simple, whilst both sculptors and tattooists are classed as artists, their individual skill set is highly specific, and completely different. Now I’m not saying that a tattooist couldn’t pick up a lump of clay and turn it into a jug, or that the sculptor can’t draw, but it’s unlikely that the level of knowledge, the application and execution of their respective skillsets and the results they can achieve will be on par with each other.

So what has this got to do with my original point? 

Marketing is a wide term, encapsulating a massive variety of different skills and experiences. It even includes print (remember that?!). Even if we drill down into Digital Marketing – again, it’s an umbrella term which covers a multitude of services. Take my skills for example –
Recruitment SEO – how much more specific can you get? 

Again, I know that there are some “general marketers” who have experience in SEO. I know that a LOT of Digital Marketers have a semi-basic working knowledge of SEO which is fine. The difference is when you deal with a specialist, that expertise can pay dividends. SEO is like a Mastermind specialist subject in itself, when you niche down like we do at Kaizen Digital with recruitment SEO, that level of industry-specific knowledge, where we intimately understand your business operations can be invaluable. 

So the takeaway from this? If you’re a business owner with no internal marketing function, there’s a chance that you could do your own SEO, but it’s unlikely – at least in terms of achieving decent results. If you’re an in-house marketer, perhaps your expertise, your “specialist subject” is more social media, email marketing, or content creation, it might not be SEO. But I’m not trying to step on your toes as it were. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve worked extremely well alongside internal teams, and that collaboration, that partnership can be extremely useful to your employer, often our expertise compliment each other for a more…holistic approach to gaining traction. We’re after the same end results after all. We can be friends. 

Kaizen Digital work exclusively with recruitment and search firms to ultimately increase visibility in search engines through effective, recruitment-focused SEO campaigns. 

If you are considering SEO, or have any questions about our solutions, please get in touch. You can email my team on or call me directly on +44 (0)7389780035.

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