Don’t Make These Rookie SEO Mistakes.

SEO… you may have attempted it already, or at least considered it, and if that’s the case there’s no doubt you’ve read a few things around the subject. I see this all the time as an SEO for the recruitment sector; clients who have a vision to increase their website rankings in Google, but have read dodgy materials on “what is the best SEO strategy” or something similar!

The problem (as always – there’s a problem!) is that a lot of this information my clients read is misleading, some is even bad SEO practice. So invariably, they’ve picked up one or two bad habits!

This post concerns a flip on “how to do SEO”, we’re going to look at what SEO is not!

SEO isn’t about finding yourself!

Why would you WANT to rank for your own business name? You know what it is. I know what it is, everyone that knows you – knows your business name, and that’s all well and good, it’s called the “known market” and I bang on about it all the time in my video audits to clients.

In order to grow, you need more business. More new business. More business is brought by more clients and candidates and THOSE clients and candidates likely don’t know of your agency so won’t search for it by name.

Trying to optimise your site to be picked up for your business name is a waste of time and sweat equity – you could use that time and effort to optimise for a more effective keyword or keyword phrase.

SEO for recruitment isn’t about stroking your ego. “Look at me I’m top of Google!”, well done! Are you going to pay yourself a 5-figure fee? Erm….

SEO isn’t a one-off event!

“I want to be top of Google!” is something I hear all…the…time.

I can’t really blame clients for making this statement, after all, it’s the ultimate aim of the SEO game, but it’s a big ask. You might say that I’m shooting myself here, but let’s be realistic. I can’t, and won’t make promises like that. I guarantee my work, and guarantee to improve metrics, which if done correctly can and will have a positive impact on SERP results.

But be wary, of dodgy “marketers” promising you map pack positions or 1st place rankings.

Organic, white hat recruitment SEO isn’t a one off thing. Search engines are too dynamic and you might get to position 1, but it won’t last and you’ll probably get penalised.

Honesty is the best policy and transparency is my mantra, so I’ll tell you for real, I can do all I can to potentially get you to where you want to be. But it’s not a one off, it is continuous, consistent effort, required I’m going monitoring and working.

It doesn’t replace the good old phone.

Recruitment is a hugely personal business which requires human interaction. As I’ve said in previous posts, and you know yourself, people buy from people, so once you’ve attracted clients or candidates through using recruitment focused SEO, connect your prospects.

You can automate all but a few if your processes using technology, but it’s difficult to sell a role or sell a candidate without a human touch. SEO is not, and should never be a substitute for reaching out to people – it should act in conjunction with your day to day activity. If you think otherwise you’re wrong.

Improving your metrics and rankings unfortunately doesn’t come with any short cuts.

Successful recruitment SEO is a commitment from you and from me, to the process of doing SEO properly and the objectives we’re trying to achieve.

We’re on the same team you and I, unlike Recruiters and HR!! (Haha)

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