The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry

The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry Most advice when it comes to SEO is along these lines… “Identify keywords with low competition and high search volume and try to rank for those” which is fine if you’re an amateur looking to “rank ‘n’ rent” a little one-page lead gen site. Which you’re not. By your very nature you’re a highly competitive creature – why else would you be in recruitment or sales at […]

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How Can You Measure SEO ROI?

How Can You Measure SEO ROI? If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, measuring SEO results can be difficult. More often than not there’s loads of tech speak jargon that means little to you. There’s also data, LOTS of data, and the mix can be a little overwhelming. Actually – SEO can be measured really clearly; it’s easy to demonstrate the connection between your SEO effort and increased revenue. All you have to […]

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Don’t Make These Rookie SEO Mistakes.

Don’t Make These Rookie SEO Mistakes. SEO… you may have attempted it already, or at least considered it, and if that’s the case there’s no doubt you’ve read a few things around the subject. I see this all the time as an SEO for the recruitment sector; clients who have a vision to increase their website rankings in Google, but have read dodgy materials on “what is the best SEO strategy” or something similar! The […]

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An Open Letter To My Former Self

An Open Letter To My Former Self “If I knew then what I know now…” is something we’ve probably all at some point said. As I made the transition from recruitment extraordinaire to successful digital marketer it is 100% a phrase I have used several times a day! Yes I’m successful – my clients win daily – but I’m a huge advocate of #alwaysbelearning. I think that’s where a load of people typically go wrong. […]

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Social Media Marketing Case Study

SEO Case Study 1

SEO Case Study Client Vertical – High St Generalist Client Location – Leeds UK Service Provided – Local SEO Background The Client is a high street generalist agency, predominantly high volume, low margin recruitment. Typical roles are industrial biased – warehouse ops, production, pickers/packers and commercial temp desk. The local, temp market place in which the Client operates is hugely competitive. The labour market is abundant and competition for client base is fierce. As is the norm in this […]

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