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Architect SEO


If you’re unsure or unaware, SEO (search engine optimisation) is a process led structure of activities which has the objective of achieving an improvement in the results for a given (or set of given) internet searches.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a dark art and you could probably achieve a nominal improvement of how Google perceives your website if you had the inclination, skill set & time.

100% of the time clients engage with me because their issue is the lack one or all of the above.

Why You Need Effective SEO For Your Practice

Putting it simply – if you’re not investing in SEO for your practice you’ll always lose out to those firms that are. 

It’s hugely important to realise that Architect SEO is an investment – not a burden. Typically clients will have decided on one or more core objectives for their business;

  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Overall Marketing Spend
  • Improve Brand Exposure


To find out more about partnering with me to help you achieve your business goals – schedule a call with me, or hit the link at the bottom of the page.

Architect’s SEO Packages

You have 3 options – all entail the same process the only difference is the booked hours per month.

LITE – 15 Hours Per Month.

STANDARD – 30 Hours Per Month (MOST POPULAR)

ADVANCED – 60 Hours Per Month.


Each package will adopt my “5 Stage SEO Methodology!

Let’s Get Started!


▪ I will understand your business, identify its market and find the competition
▪ I will select Keywords that are meant to drive relevant traffic to your site
▪ I will find potential challenges to the marketing performance of your site
▪ 90% of a campaign’s success relies on the proper selection of keywords

▪ Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics of your site, I will create a strategy meant to match or beat the competition taking your website’s structure, code, and digital footprint distribution called the SEO Roadmap
▪ I organise activities that are meant to drive success to you in the shortest time possible
▪ I report the work to you in real time and in some cases, require collaboration in order to achieve the best results for your campaign
▪ I drive as many strengths to your website as we can, as soon as we can

▪ I identify the technical elements of your site that can be improved to drive better traffic performance to your website
▪ I match the search phrases to the pages on your site and evaluate if your website sends the correct semantic signals to Search Engines regarding their Value Proposition, product or service
▪ I create algorithm appealing content while attempting to match your marketing language in order to penetrate Search filters and reach your target audience
▪ 70% of ranking success in small markets is attributed to On-Page factors

▪ I look into your digital footprint and build my campaign based off the referral information in the world wide web about your website
▪ I balance out your anchor texts to create a natural and balanced off-page profile
▪ I acquire inbound links to your site with our proprietary outreach program that acquires referral back links from unique publishers online, month over month
▪ Back links still contribute to over 60% of rankings in search

▪ I have heavily invested in technology and provide you with real time reporting and collaboration through my proprietary user dashboard
▪ Generate Reports and Analysis online and in real time
▪ Over 80% of ROI opportunity is found through Analytics and Periodic Reporting

Let’s Get Started!