64 Questions Your Team Should Be Asking

64 Questions Your Team Should Be Asking.

Are you ready to really ramp up your marketing efforts this year.

Are you going to increase marketing spend in-line with growth plans? Or maybe you’re looking to reduce you client acquisition cost?

Then you need to answer these 64 questions ASAP.

Measuring your brand impression:

1. How do your candidates and/or clients honestly perceive your company?

2. Are there certain words they’d use to describe your business – What are they?

3. Does the answer to Number 2 align with how you’d want to be perceived?

4. Do you emit trustworthiness?

5. (KEY POINT) Would they recommend you?

6. They’ll have thoughts on your service, what are their likes and dislikes?

Competitor Comparison.

7. Given the choice, would your clients or candidates chose you over your closest competitor?

8. Why?

9. Who does a better job of explaining the product or offering clearly?

10. Who is better at closing? I mean which of their choices have done/can do a better job convincing them to convert.

11. What do people like and dislike about your top competitor’s service?

14. What might convince your current clients to switch to one of your competitors?

Understanding your analytics data:

15. Does your website have certain pages that have high bounce and exit rates?

16. Why are people leaving your site at those bounce/exit points?

17. Are mobile or desktop conversions higher? Why?

18. Do certain demographic groups behave differently than others on your site?

18. Why does one webpage have such a high average time on page?

To track performance over time:

19. Has your UX changed over a defined period of time?

20. Compared to the competition are you improving?

21. Are the changes because of something you changed on your site, something different about your product, or something in the market?

Is your content effective?:

22. Do your clients or candidates get what you’re offering the first time they hit your homepage

23. Is your language clear and free of jargon?

24. Do you speak like your audience speaks?

25. Are you using CTAs to grab their attention and get them to act?

25. Is your USP easy to describe by a newbie visitor to your site?

To learn what users think of your ads:

26. What’s the mindset of someone who’s encountering your ads for the first time?

27. What are the things that people notice, like, and dislike about your ads?

28. Are your ads seen as helpful, or do they one across as spammy?

29. What phrases or design elements catch users’ eyes?

30. What encourages your target user to click on a Google AdWords ad?

To optimise your email marketing:

31. Why are your recipients opening some of your emails more than others?

32. Will your target market understand and engage with your next email campaign?

33. Is there anything your recipients would change about your emails given the chance.

34. Do your users receive emails from other companies in your industry?

35. Who?

36. What do the users like and dislike about those emails?

To build higher-converting landing pages:

37. Can your target user understand what’s being offered?

38. Does it meet their expectations?

39. Do the forms you use make it easy for people to sign up?

40. Are there any distractions?

41. Has your offer got value – are users willing to enter their contact information in exchange for it?

42. Is there else that would entice them to click on that CTA?

To optimise your forms:

43. Does your form have the right number of fields?

44. Are the forms optimised and responsive?

45. Is there anything about your forms that would make a user lose interest?

To find out how users discover your company through organic search:

46. What do users notice first when they search for your keywords: your website, your competitors, or your ads?

47. What words stand out to them on the Google search results page?

48. If and when they click on your link, what are they expecting to find?

49. Does your landing page meet those expectations?

To improve your content marketing:

50. In the eyes of your clients and/candidates are your blog/whitepapers/infographics/webinars helpful/relevant?

51. When they land on your blog or resource centre, what do they want to read first?

52. Why did that piece of content catch their eye first?

53. Do your users enjoy reading similar content from other companies?

54. Who and why?

55. Are there topics that interest your target audience more than others?

To run better A/B tests:

56. How can you come up with an A/B test idea that will actually result in improvements?

57. Why did your last A/B test give the results that it did?

58. What did users prefer about the winning version?

59. Was there anything they preferred about the losing version?

To improve customer retention:

60. Are your clients/candidates aware of all of the features, products, and services that you offer?

61. Are there any facets of your offering that could be better positioned? Are there opportunities for up/cross selling?

62. How likely would they be to recommend your company to a friend?

63. What, if anything, would make them stop doing business with you?

64. What would your clients/candidates change about your agency if they could?

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