10 Benefits of SEO For Your Business

To be frank, every business (especially now) should be working towards building a strong organic presence in the search engines, whether in-house or outsourcing to an expert (hint hint…). 

Properly done with user intent in mind, SEO can often work more effectively than most other digital marketing strategies, so read on to see how SEO can be used to grow your business and its profits.

Fun fact… Every day your website is not optimised for the search engines you are losing money to your competitors.

Allow me to explain:

1. Your services are being searched for ON LINE.

There are millions of people doing billions of searches daily, and if you’re not optimising your site and content properly for search terms relevant to your services, you don’t stand a chance of being heard through all the noise. As a basic strategy if you are just starting out, don’t try and rank for ultra competitive keywords such as “recruitment”. Although search volume for (as an example) “fintech recruitment agency Manchester” may only show 15 people searching per month, the INTENTION of these searches is high, meaning if you’re optimised for that “long tail keyword”, your chances of conversion are significantly higher.  

2. Quality over quantity of traffic every…single…time.

People are actively looking for what they search for, whether their need be immediate or for future reference. If you rank on page 1 for their search, you’re almost guaranteed to get their attention. If you’re page two… who are you?? Proper SEO will ensure that the RIGHT people are hitting your site through effective targeting. There’s no point in attracting people to you business who will NEVER be interested in, or in a position to secure your services. 

3. Traffic from SEO converts more.

Most websites analytics show that their organic traffic is the one with the highest conversion rate, as mentioned above… it’s all about the search intent. Rank for the right keywords and people will come and convert.

4. Increase your sales and leads with SEO

Before revenue comes leads. And SEO is fantastic for INBOUND lead generation. A properly optimised site with properly optimised landing pages and an enticing Call To Action (CTA) will result in additional leads. An individual leaving their details for a call back, is already a more qualified lead than a cold call, as they’ve found their way to your site with INTENTION to engage you.


5. SEO can lower your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Compared to paid ads (Google PPC etc) CPA is generally lower with SEO. Even when outsourcing the SEO, in the long run you often pay less than you might spend on ads to get the same amount of clients. 

6. SEO is organic, you don’t pay for each click.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can be massively expensive for firms starting out or with restrictive budgets. Although SEO can take some time to kick in, it will bring you a constant flow of leads and traffic without having to pay for ads on Google Ads or Social Media per example.With PPC, once your budget is gone and ads stop running, that’s it, game over, no more leads. With SEO, it’s much easier to stay in the search engines for vastly longer without exponential costs!

7. SEO makes buying decisions easier.

As I’ve said before, SEO isn’t always about revenue generation. Brand awareness is a major benefit too. People will automatically believe that you are a trusted, relevant and authoritative name within your space PURELY because you’re on page 1 of Google etc. That awareness, that exposure will often reassure any potential clients that you’re a firm worth reaching out to, making their decision to engage easier.

8. SEO boosts Social Media Traffic

Quite simply, the more unique, relevant visitors you get to your site, the more people have the opportunity to engage with your social media platforms. Another chance for you to keep prospective clients and candidates “warm” that all starts with them finding you via search engines!

9. Good SEO will improve your website strength.

SEO will help your website (well, the domain actually) build strength as it grows through SEO best practices. A strong domain is made up of a number of factors including relevance, trust worthiness and authority, all factors which are impacted by SEO. By building good quality backlinks using content outreach for example (producing and pushing high quality, informative articles etc), you can easily improve how Google sees you as an influencer within your space.

10. SEO can help you get foot traffic (offline visitors)

For businesses that have a high street presence and physical location, or who have multiple offices in several locations, optimising your website for “Local SEO” can pay dividends. “Recruitment agencies near me” for example, will show your site in that search and allow people to easily find your address (assuming you’ve got a Google My Business page) and read reviews (assuming you have them). 

SEO should absolutely be one of your main marketing strategies. In fact, if I really try hard, I struggle to see any downsides to SEO. 

The only thing I can think of, and this is scraping the barrel, is that it can take a couple of months to see tangible results. But that even depends on how your site is structured. If your site already employs best practice in terms of structure, navigation, content etc, it IS possible to see tangible uplifts sooner. 

This snip is from a report for a new client, who saw these increases within a little under 8 weeks. This particular client did not have an optimum site structure and still saw fantastic results. 

The point being SEO is hands down the best long term strategy for revenue generation and brand exposure. Do it, but do it properly. If you can’t, reach out to me and find out how I can help you.

Thanks for reading (assuming you have!)

Dan Jones @ Kaizen Digital Consultancy
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